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A Man's World

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Chris Thomas
Stephanie Lenox
Eng. 101
April 20, 2002
Final Copy WA#4

A Man’s World
How many times have you turned on the television and heard about a violent episode involving a young man? This seems to be the trend these days. Why is this? There are many different factors that could be the cause of these incidents. Is it race, poverty, neighborhood, family, drugs, or media? Whatever it is, we need to find the root to this problem. Why are males between the age groups of 20-24 committing these severe crimes? I believe poverty can have a huge influence on the family life and vice versa. Lack of family support, love, or discipline can cause great amounts of emotional stress. Poverty can drive people to do things they would not normally do. People will perform terrible acts when they are desperate. Therefore I believe family and poverty are the two main causes for violence among young males. I believe that everything starts with the family, which can have a major influence from poverty.
Everything we do is a reflection of family. The way we talk, our manners, our tempers, and our personalities. That is why I believe that the family is one of the main factors that young males are so violent. If people are not getting the support and care they need from home, then where are they supposed to get it? Neglect can cause emotional stress, which can make people think and act unlike themselves. It is vital for kids to have parental guidance. Kids look at their parents as role models. If the parents are violent than there is a good chance that the children will develop this trait. Author Mike A. Miles talks about kids living in abusive environments and being abused. He states that “350,000 children and adolescents are inflicted with physical brutality every year by the adults they should be able to trust the most, their parents”(381). This is a great amount. If kids are abused at home they are going to grow...

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