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A Change Of Thought

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A Change of Thought
“You ready? Ok, lets roll” were the famous words that Todd Beamer said to a fellow passenger of flight 93 before it crashed in a rural Pennsylvania. Him and the other passengers planned to over power the hijackers and gain control of the plane again. They did not achieve all of their intended plans but were able to save possibly thousands of people from death. This is an obvious example of the heroism in the 21st century. Due to the events of September 11 heroism has been something greatly publicized and appreciated by the whole country.
Before September 11th modern heroism was usually thought of a person who was famous or influential. People such as movie stars, sports figures, or other people who appear to be special and amazing in some way. Once 9/11 happened peoples view point on heroes completely changed, and so did the ideas of what heroes do and accomplish. Now attributes of a hero are someone selfless, courageous, giving, companionate, and willing, instead of the idealistic attributes of hers prior to the attacks. Once real people were seen being much more heroic than any movie star or sports figure. They redefined the idea of a hero.
Todd Beamer and the passenger of flight 93 are some of the modern heroes that came to light due to 9/11. The firefighters in New York became major heroes in the eyes of all Americans. They displayed all the characteristics of a hero on 9/11 and did it with out even hesitating. Rescue workers and civilians of 9/11 also displayed their abilities to be heroes. Most of the heroes in 9/11 hade to over come a stressful situation, not panic, all were all also in some immediate danger, weather it be their lives or the lives of others, they had a lot of responsibility. Another major attribute that mostly all of the heroes of 9/11 shares is the overwhelming amount of selflessness they have, many died trying to save others. Also in the modern world there are always...

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