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Abortion is a morally ambiguous issue. The complexities involved are usually not represented adequately by either the pro-life or choice positions, especially in the most fervent and extreme versions of each. Pro-choice advocates use the euphemism of "a woman's right to choose" to cover the ugly fact of killing a fetus, i. e. a potential person. Pro-life adherents equate abortion with murder, thus ignoring the distinction between a potential and an actual person.
I conclude that abortion in the early stages of pregnancy ought to be legal, safe, and rare. The later in the term of pregnancy the more compelling must be the reason to abort. The only good solution to the moral ambiguities involved is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Hence, both sides should engage in a vigorous campaign to reduce unwanted pregnancies to the fullest extent possible by making birth control information and devises (condoms, pills, etc.) available to all, including teenagers. Beyond that we need to find reasonable compromises regarding which abortions are to be permitted and under what circumstances. This issue has torn us apart long enough....

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