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Robert Hooke

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1635 Born 18th July at Freshwater, Anglican Minister's son
1648 Father died. Leaves RH £100. Befriended by Richard Busby at Westminster School
1653 Enters Christ Church, Oxford. Joins circle of Boyle & Wren. Assists Willis then Boyle
1658 Constructs improved air pump for Boyle Invents watch balance spring
1661 Publishes Attempt for the explication [of capillary attraction] in London
1662 Boyle's law published - NO claim by Hooke
1662 Royal Society of London. RH Curator of Experiments. £30 salary often l ate
1663 Henry Oldenburg appointed Sec.Roy.Soc.
1664 Appointed Cutlerian lecturer. Salary of £50 pa seldom paid
1665 Appointed Professor of Geometry at Gresham College with rooms
1665 Publishes Micrographia. A description of the construction and use of the microscope. Not the first microscope, not the best or most systematic observations BUT one of the scientific greats
1665 Oldenburg publishes Philosophical Transactions at his own expense.
1666 The Great Fire of London. RH produced a plan for rebuilding on a rectangular grid. Appointed surveyor to represent the City in the reconstruction. Christopher Wren represented the King. Both worked closely together - now difficult to separate works.
1672 First argument with Isaac Newton about nature of light.
1674 An attempt to prove the motion of the earth - 1st Cutlerian lecture
1674 Huygens constructs watch with balance spring. Hooke claims that Oldenburg has given Hooke's design to Huygens.
1676 A description of helioscopes ends with anagram claims.
1675 Second argument with Newton about light.
1678 De potentia restitutiva. The 6th Cutlerian lecture - Hooke's law of springs - UT TENSIO SIC VIS
1679 Exchanges letters with Newton. Robert Hooke suggests inverse square law for gravity. In (1686) Hooke claims priority when Principia publd.
1687 Hooke's niece, who was also his mistress, died. He becomes recluse.
1703 Died...

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