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Mystery Of Time

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The Mystery of Time
Ever since people have had the ability to question the world around them, one of the topics on their mind has always been “What is time?” “Does time exist?” We’ve wondered if we can manipulate time. Are there multiple dimensions of time? Can we freeze or even move through time, witness past events, or look at the future? There has never been any evidence to show that we can.
Time travel has always been an interest of mine. I have done a lot of research on the topic purely for my own interests. I feel that it eventually will play a big part in our lives. It will be a big part of the medical field and may play a big role in our transportation system.
Time can be measures in second, months, days and decades. Every measurement of time was chosen by the rotation of the earth. We have a day, which is one revolution. We decided to split that into 24 divisions for hours. Then we further split it by sixty twice, once for minutes and again for seconds. Time is arguably the most influencing factor on our lives. Time can affect us on very large or small scale. “I have 5 minutes to get to class,” or “I have to go to school for six more years,” are all phrases that are commonplace in our daily lives. Without this restriction, we would have no need for cars, clocks, deadlines, and many other things that we use so that we can use our time more efficiently. We often don’t like to waste time. People only have a fixed amount of time in the day, or in their life and they want to take advantage of all of it. (Sawyer, p. 12-28)
A lot of people have tried to find ways around these restrictions. The U.S. Navy wanted to make their battle ship, the U.S.S Eldridge, invisible to radar and visual sight. The ship was equipped with two electromagnetic devises and another generator. When the devises were engaged the ship disappeared off of both radar and visual sight. When the ship returned the ...

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