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Moisture & Atmospheric Stability

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Moisture and Atmospheric Stability
“The stability of air in the atmosphere depends on the temperature of rising air relative to the temperature of the stationary surrounding air that it passes through, which varies from place to place and with changing atmospheric conditions. Air stability determines whether clouds form when air is uplifted, and the type of cloud.” Stable atmosphere forms when warmer surfaces rise, therefore expanding and cooling which causes the air to become heavy and causing it to sink to its original position at the surface. Unstable air is always warmer than its environment and continues to rise unlike stable air. It is possible for air to be stable as well as unstable at the same time. For example, when conditional instability occurs, moist air has an environmental lapse rate between the dry and wet adiabatic rates causing a light cloud cover.
In response to the scientific significance on humidity control, I feel that proper humidity controls are extremely important in eliminating illnesses. Humidity levels effect factors such as, mold growth, which requires a humidity level of 70% or higher and dust mites, which are more active at levels of 50% or higher. Both of these examples are allergens. Some illnesses and infections that may be caused by these allergens are asthmatic problems and upper respiratory infections. The scientific significance of humidity control in our homes and at work is that specific levels of humidity cause microorganisms to either thrive or not thrive, which in turn can affect our health....

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