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Glucose is one of the most essential and plentiful carbohydrates found on Earth. It is very important and crucial for many life functions, and procedures. Glucose also known as a aldohexose is a monosaccharide with 6 carbons and an aldehyde group. It has many forms and isomers and each one of them has its own importance and function. Glucose is known to be the most important carbohydrates partially because of its effects on functions of life. Glucose is essential for many causes such as photosynthesis, presence in blood sugar, major role in diabetes, manufacturing of candy and wine, and many other purposes. Glucose is a fundamental carbohydrate that we use in our daily lives and find in many different areas, which involve us.

Chemistry of Glucose
Glucose is a monosaccharide sugar or simple sugar made with a 6-carbon skeleton. It is a major energy source for animal and human metabolism, and provides a great structural role in cellulose. Glucose’s chemical formula is C6H12O6, and it has many forms and is occurring widely in most plant and animal tissue. It is the main flowing sugar in the blood and the chief energy foundation of the body. It is known to be the most important monosaccharide.
The chemical formula C6H12O6 proves that glucose is a hexose because it shows that that the number of carbons it has is six. Glucose is a considered a monosaccharide because it cannot be broken down into additional fundamental components and still retain its sugar purpose. Glucose is sorted in the class of monosaccharide because its empirical formula, the formula that indicates the relative sizes of the elements in a molecule rather than the actual number of atoms of the elements, relates to the empirical formula of monosaccharides, (C1H12O1)n where n is the number of carbons found in the molecule.
Glucose contains an aldehyde group at Carbon 1 (H-C=O) so therefore it is called an aldohexose. Glucose consists of a 6-carbon c...

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