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Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy
Been diagnosed with a terminal heredity disease? Don’t worry about it, by the year 2025 a simple trip to the doctor along with a shot and you will be on the road to recovery. The science of gene therapy is well on its way to become an effective form of medical treatment in the next 20-25 years. Gene therapy is the approach of treating diseases based on modifying the expression of a person's genes toward a cure for the disease. There are essentially two forms of gene therapy somatic gene therapy and germline gene therapy. Somatic gene therapy involves the manipulation of gene expression in cells, but this correction is not inherited by the next generation. Germline gene therapy; this involves the genetic modification of germ cells that will pass the change on to the next generation. With an 11-year history of clinical trials, there is some recent evidence that gene therapy may be efficacious in the treatment of certain single gene deficiency diseases. Titan Pharmaceuticals is one of the 143 companies working on developing a safe gene therapy. This technology will aid in the betterment of the human race, but this new technology is unknown too much of the general population that pushes blind opposition against gene therapy due to ethical issues and misunderstanding the medical use. To bring gene therapy out of the shadows and prepare a marketing plan for it use in the future a biotech company such as Titan needs to educate the population on the facts and ethical issues about gene therapy, monitor regulation of gene therapy and develop the technology and alliances that will guarantee the prosperity of future gene therapy applications.

Educate the Public
The fact is that ordinary people may well perceive gene therapy as different from other medical interventions, whatever the experts or ethical committees may say. “ In addition to technical, resource and ethical constraints, there are also limits which society as a w...

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