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Anti-Semitism: Hatred Throughout History

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Anti-Semitism: Hatred throughout History
Have you ever heard anyone point in class and hear them say in a hushed voice, “hey, isn’t that the Jewish kid?” I have. In fact, I am the Jewish kid. I have always been the Jewish kid. I always will be. For some reason the tiny nation of the Jews have always been set aside, either by themselves ,or by people who find them unfavorable, or people who think they are just different. Jews throughout history have been noted to be hated, passionately hated, by other people. Jean-Baptise de Mirabaud, permanent secretary of the Academie francaise during the age of enlightenment wrote:
“Not only did all the Nations despise the Jew; they even hated them and believed that they were as justified in hating as in despising them. They were hated because they were known to hate other men; they were despised because they were seen observing customs which were thought ridiculous.”

Apparently his thoughts are not alone. Jews have been persecuted throughout the world from medieval times to Islam, from Islam to Nazism, from Nazism all the way to even America today. Anti-Semitism, or Jew hatred, is mostly a result of rumors or misconceptions of Judaism, brought about by false or uneducated information.
History of Anti-Semitism
To tell of all accounts and types of anti-Semitism is impossible. Anti-Semitism predates Rome and in fact began with the actual birth of Judaism, a few thousand years

ago. Abraham, the father of Judaism, claimed that there was only one god, the god of Israel, and that all other gods were futile. During this day and age his claims were unheard of, how could there be only one god? The pagans were even more infuriated when Abraham would only bow to his god and no one else’s. Abraham refused to even acknowledge other peoples’ gods. When Jews were no longer part of nomadic tribes and congregated into cities such as Athens...

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