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The concept of the afterlife can be seen in many different perspectives. My opinion of the afterlife depends on how someone would have lived in life. If a human’s occupation in life was a serial killer who was put to death because of your crimes that were commited and therefore would be sent to heal without your skin attached to your body in a pool of hot oil. Complete horror and suffering are the only facts that would be true to this type or person. The punishment for there horrible beings is because of the lives that were taken of perfectly nice humane beings. Those souls of the ones lives that were taken will be sent to paradise. For souls that committed acts of telemarketing during their lives are also dammed to hell. As just punishment a telephone is attached in several spots on there bodies where ear’s have been placed and for eternity they sit strapped to a chair hear telemarketing scams.
Paradise or heaven is exactly that. It’s a place of perfection., and everything that is in your wildest dreams. In this place everything you want to happen always comes true. Anything and everything that you wish to happen, does. All the inhabitants of paradise float around on clouds drinking little drinks with those umbrellas in them. In order to make it to this place, the soul needs to be free of all evil doings. This means that time that money was stolen from cash register at Mc. Donald needs to be repent.
Although if a human with a good soul leaves earth because of suicide. They are not sent to hell or to heaven. They are sent to a totally different place. Here those people are set out to figure why they left their lives because of suicide. These individuals are chained to a walrus and run into walls. This will take place until their life on earth was suppose to end. Then they are sent for judgment and more than likely directly to hell. On the other hand if someone with an evil soul commits suicide then a automatic ticket to he...

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