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George Orwell’s concept of ‘doublethink’ refers to ones ability to accept at least two contradictory notions, and not experience cognitive dissonance. It has manifested itself in the English language as ‘Doublespeak’, a spoken and written language that conceals thoughts and truth without the writer or speaker being aware that it holds contradictions. The words considered ‘Doublespeak’ have an entirely different meaning than portrayed and comprehended.
The terminology of ‘Doublespeak’ may be consciously used to deceive. One example of this concept would be the term war = murder for the peace of our country. Our media, government and army positively glorify horrible killings and bombardment. They claim that it’s necessary to maintain peace, when in actuality they are committing murder and plundering other countries without consent or warning. There are many other occurrences I have noticed in my own experiences.
Another example of ‘Doublespeak’ is the word detained, which is used so frivolously by law enforcement personnel, media, and politicians. In reality, that word means stripped of your rights and freedom. In the news today, another phrase often heard is “sources say...” this phrase is very unclear and manipulative as to where this information is actually coming from.

Use of doublespeak is easily seen and heard in political context. While listening to politicians talk, sometimes it seems like they have said nothing at all, and instead, have just ambiguously spoken around the proposed question or topic. It sometimes seems as if the words are vague and cloudy as to the real issues at hand.
Doublespeak has a way of making wrong seem right, and the bad seem good. The concept of doublespeak is related to ideology because it used by those in power to have maximum control over the public, while at the same time causing the most minimal amount of contriversy. Society would b...

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