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A dream is a story that people take part in or view in their sleep. Dreams are a work of a person’s imagination. They are fictional events that have relation to a person’s life. A person experiencing a dream is convinced however that what they are experiencing is really occurring. Dreams can play on every emotion a person experiences in real life. They can be amusing, pleasant, annoying, and even terrifying.
Everyone experiences dreams, but they may not however ever recall having any. Dreams are seldom remembered, and if they are most times people remember bits and pieces of what happened and may or may not be able to understand the sequence of events. Dreams unfold much unlike a story in most cases. The “dreamer” may or may not be a part of the story, they may possibly just watch things unfold like watching a movie. The person dreaming most likely cannot dictate what happens in the dream. There are sometimes that a person will come to the understanding that they are dreaming. In these situations the dreamer may alter the events in the dream to their liking....

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