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Dreams! What are dreams? Why do we dream? Are dreams subconscious thoughts and desires influenced by the events of our day? Might we dream of someone new, a person we’ve never met before, and perhaps that day you make a new friend? Dreams are very interesting. What stages do we go through? What is our brain doing? What does science say?
Many experiments have been conducted about why we dream, dreams are a response to our thoughts, actions and recent events in our days. There was one study done to see what everyday life would be like without dreaming they gave the subjects a drug to eliminate the REM (rapid eye movement) which is the time in which we dream. The studies proved that without dreaming they changed they become more anxious and abrasive and it also altered their personalities. Dreaming is something every one does and although some people don’t remember their dreams or maybe only just a couple everyone has that night time journey we call dreams. Which apparently is a very necessary part of our being.
From the time you go to sleep at night until the time you wake up in the morning you go through many stages of sleep. Stage 1 of sleeping is very quick if the person is not disturbed they within a few minutes slip into stage 2 of sleep. Dreams start to brew in stage 2 you are in a much deeper sleep then stage 1 vague thoughts and ideas start to go through the sleepers mind. Then you slowly drift into stage 3 now the sleepers’ muscles are relaxed and your heart rate begins to slow down as dose your blood pressure. Now the sleeper is in a very deep sleep, and difficult to wake. With steady breathing and feeling very relaxed you journey into the last stage. Stage 4 is now the deepest sleep of all. This is where your dreams occur. Now the sleepers’ heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate and your brain heats up. Then comes REM, the first period will last only about 10 minutes then the sleeper goes through st...

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