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Are Extroverts More Motivated By Hygiene Or Motivator Factors?

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This study investigates the relationship between the five-factor model of personality (i.e. the “Big 5”) and Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene model of motivation. In other words are people with certain personality traits motivated by ‘motivator’ (achievement, recognition, responsibility) or ‘hygiene’ factors (working conditions, pay, company policies, etc.). A survey was conducted by BBA111 students of several businesses (total N = 1042) asking questions relating to employee motivation. These results were compiled into a table of correlations showing the correlations between the Big 5 personality dimensions and motivator and hygiene theory. The most general findings from this study were that the personality traits extraversion and conscientiousness had a stronger positive relationship with motivator factors, instead of with hygiene factors. As a result, managers would need to use methods such as opportunities for advancement and responsibility to motivate employees, rather than the traditional method of using salary or working conditions to motivate employees. Further implications of these findings are also discussed in more detail.


Traditionally, many organisations assumed that personality was a good indication of workplace behaviour. In the 1960’s research reported a very weak link between personality and job performance. As a result, organisations stopped using personality tests in selection of employees. However, over the past decade the use of personality in employee selection is being re-introduced. This is because of the belief that effective leaders have similar personalities and that personality assists employees to find jobs that suit their needs. Thus there may be a relationship between personality traits and ‘motivators’ (as defined in Herzberg’s theory).

The purpose of this study is to examine whether there are any links between personality factors and how importa...

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