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Anwar Sadat

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Anwar Sadat’s Leadership

Muhammed Anwar al-Sadat, once the President of the Republic of Egypt is mainly remembered for his devotion to peace in the Middle East and as the first Arab leader to recognize Israel. Throughout his eleven years of presidency Sadat was determined to turn his country around. Anwar Sadat played a leading role in paving the way for Pacifism amongst Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East
During his early years he was posted at a distant military base. While he was there he met Gamal Abdel Nasser, the current President of Egypt; this meeting would be the beginning of a political relationship that eventually led to the Egyptian presidency. Sadat began as Nasser’s public relations minister and trusted lieutenant (“Anwar”). In a world of superpower enemies, Sadat learned the dangerous game of nation building (“Anwar”). Nasser’s goal was to reestablish control over the Suez Canal. After Nasser led two wars against Israeli he was unsuccessful and put his country in turmoil. Under stress Nasser collapsed and died.
Sadat was elected as Egypt’s president, and he immediately began proving his leadership abilities. Sadat wanted to finish what Nasser had tried to accomplish. To coax some movement toward peace, Sadat made a dramatic decision (Anwar). He launched the Arab-Israeli War of 1973. Egypt, Syria, and Iraq attacked Israel on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, catching the Israelis off guard. Israel recovered quickly and forced the troops back to their initial gains. Even though the war ended with Israel in control Sadat was still devoted to “turning the war into a moral victory” (Sadat). This gave Sadat credibility which earned him respect of his countrymen. Having restored some of the Arabs’ wounded pride, Sadat moved decisively to change the face of the Middle East. Sadat stated, “There is no time to lose. I am ready to go to the ends of the earth if that will save one ...

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