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American Capital Punishment

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The United States is one of the only nations in the ‘civilized’ world that still permits capital punishment. Also, The United States still practice crude methods of death such death by firing squad. I think that capital punishment is a just punishment. Not only is it a just form of punishment, it is the only way to punish someone who took another persons life.
The United States is obligated to justify what loss of life that occurred. The core beliefs of our nation allows us to accept capital punishment as a form of punishment. Anyone who seeks to take another mans life, liberty and property, will be punished with the assistance of the government.
In times of advanced technology, crude methods like hanging are still practiced by states like Washington. If we are so civilized, can’t we find a way to carry out punishment that isn’t so rudimentary? Lethal injection seems to be the only civilized and humane method of death.
The rules are plain to see, if you do this, then this will happen to you. Someone has to do something seriously bad in order for them to merit the death sentence by a judge. I think that it is fair to say that the idea of capital punishment is just. How else would we compensate another persons wrongful death? No material thing on Earth is worth the price of a persons life....

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