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African American Rights

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This song really confused me and majority of it got me upset. I felt it to be a contradiction to what I’ve been taught about Jesus for the past fifteen years. The lyrics presented Jesus as though he didn’t want to die for us and that he just wanted to back out of God’s plan. It also specifically states in the verse, “Why then am I scared to finish what I started, What you started—I didn’t start it” that he had nothing to do with it and is scared to go on. It made me feel that he didn’t want to give up his life for us and doubted that we were even worth it. I’ve been taught that Jesus gave up his life willingly for us and accepted the fate God had planned for him.
The lyricist portrayed Jesus’ humanness by showing his doubt and fear of what was to come. That Jesus at one point was in such a state of distress, that he would to turn his back on his fate and on God. To me he is shown as being selfish and even showed disbelief in what God, his father, had set out for him to do. Jesus turns to his father in his time of despair and asks for him to take the pain away as seen in the verse, “If there is a way, take this cup away from me for I don’t want to taste it’s poison.” Here Jesus explains that he doesn’t want to go through any more agony and suffering and if there were anyway possible for God to take this burden off his shoulders. Jesus is questioning God and feels as though his death might just go in vain, which is evident in the verse, “Why should I die? Can you show me now that I would not be killed in vain?” He’s now asking for reasons, for reassurance. He is need of comfort and knows not where to find it. Throughout his prayer in the garden he is reluctant and complains of his life and that he does not want to go through what God has planned for him, but at the end he seems to give in. He accepts what his future holds and even though he doesn’t want to, realizes what has to be do...

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