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A Government By The People

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A Government By the People…Well, Sorta
Daniel Webster in his most famous speech before the Senate once said, “I hope I shall not see written, as its motto, first Liberty, and then Union. I hope I shall see spread all over it, blazoned in letters of light and proudly floating over Land and Sea that other sentiment dear to my heart, ‘Union and Liberty, now and forever, one and inseparable!” This quote was one of the prime reasons in 1830 the West and South did not succeed from the Union. It meant that the government should not give the governed too much liberty that it threatens the stability of the Union. Webster’s speech can be exemplified throughout the body of the United States of America’s system of government. From the written document that is the constitution to each intricate part that makes the government run, there is stability and presence of unity.
The chapter entitled, The Desks of the Senate, emphasizes that the Framers of the Constitution and government took Webster’s ideas into consideration when c. They wanted to build a strong government for the people and by the people. “These creators of a government of the people feared not only the people’s rulers but the people themselves, the people in their number, the people in their passions,” they wished to do this with a balance betwixt the people and the government and within the government itself. No one part of the government is given absolute power. Furthermore, the people are not given absolute power either: “So the Framers wanted to check and restrain not only the people’s rulers, but the people.”
It was James Madison who introduced the idea of the Mischief’s of Faction. Where he said that people would ultimately divide themselves up into groups of similar interests and decide on how government should be run. He proposed that if this were allowed to happen without any restraints there would ultimately be chaos. The Framer...

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