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The Road Not Taken

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Life, Decisions and Consequences

The writer Robert Frost in the poem “The Road Not Taken” emphasizes how the life has its own surprises and uncertainties and its own up and downs. Frost can be the speaker in this poem. He has to take a life decision, “ Two road diverged in a yellow wood” the road represents the journey of our lives. No one knows where the road will lead us or what the future will bring us. There are many decision that might we have to take, we try to predict and wonder what is the wisest decision to be made. But there are pros and cows in any specific choice that we have to make.
Sometimes we succeed and we make the right decision and some other times we fail to successful in the decision that we make. Is the dilemma that makes our life interesting and worth living. Because if one knows what everyday would bring than life could have no meaning. If we do not succeed, we pay for the consequences but we also learn from those experiences and in this way we can challenge and be stronger to face other difficulties of life. Frost tries to show this by describing the road that “it was grassy and wanted wear” where the grassy means the road that most of the people had not walk and “wanted wear” was one of his desire to discover the unknown.
It was the one that he will chose and start exploring on something new.
The speaker’s eyes try to see “the undergrowth” wondering if he can see which route to take but he cannot because his eyes can not see so far. He tries but is difficult to understand which route he should take. He thinks if he should take the common route or the other one that not to many people took. He is in dilemma because all his life depends on his decision. The man thinks on negative way for the two routs but at the same time he seems undecided and scared if he is not going to take the right decision and if will be the right one.
“Two roads in the wood” represent th...

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