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The Early Cchooling Of Nicolas Vidal

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The early schooling of Nicolas Vidal

The outlaw, Nicolas Vidal, in Allende’s “The Preacher’s Wife” is a key player in

a story story devout with good and evil characters. Nicolas like any other child was not

born of the dark side. Young Vidal was a product of wicked treatment at an early age. Key

events such as a bad omen, and his mothers’ child rearing skills, created Nicolas’ heart of

evil. In this story are examples which support this theory.

Nicolas’s mother, Juana the Forlorn, was a sick individual at best. She was a

prostitute with no room for a child; as Nicolas was definitely not a planned pregnancy.

Juana used several methods to try and abort her young child. These actions were sewing

The seeds of non-love, while Nicolas was still in the womb. Little did she know, Ms.

Forlorn was hardening her son’s soul, and making him jaded to love. He was ready to take

The world on when he was first born. A profession of boxing would have been an

Alternative career for someone who felt no pain like Nicolas.

Nicolas is pursued by an evil omen starting at birth, and following him all his

Days. It is this omen which finally helps him to end his life. When Nicolas is first born

He has four nipples. This is a sign that a woman will be his undoing. Later in life he

Consults the advise aof a soothsayer and she confirms his fate. Nicolas makes this
Floyd 2

Prophecy true when he does not run away at the end of the story. He knows well the

Soldiers will probably kill him on sight.

Once again, Juana the Forlorn’s Parenting skills are in question. Besides trying to

Kill Nicolas at birth, most importantly she did not show him love. A mother’s lo...

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