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The Death Of Marylin Monroe

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“The Death of Marilyn Monroe”

Each poem that is written holds a feeling to it only the author can experience from writing it. As each reader picks up that poem and reads it, it can be interpreted as a memory or a feeling only that person is familiar with. No person can relate to a poem the same way the person before them did. This is a small part of poetry and all the ways it can be read. In a poem by Sharon Olds she explains the feeling around Marilyn Monroe’s death. A feeling most of us remember but no one can put in plain words.
In a short 25-lined poem Sharon Olds explains the emptiness many men and woman felt when Marilyn Monroe was pronounced dead. Without exactly stating what Marilyn Monroe was, we paint a picture in our heads of an icon, whose death was astonishing. Miss Monroe wasn’t only a beautiful woman that men looked at as a dream girl, but a role model for women everywhere. Her stunning good looks made her stick out of a crowd like a streak of lightning. Her girlie figure and always perfect-hair made her what everyone wanted to be. When Marilyn Monroe died her dream girl imaged died with her. Men everywhere missed her sleek moves and ideal breasts. The thought of her cold body and pale skin was no longer appealing. Who were people going to look to for sex appeal and Hollywood gossip? In the poem “The Death of Marilyn Monroe”, three ambulance men are responsible for picking up her body and covering her wounds. While each man blankly stares at their once dream girl, they realize she is no longer in their dreams. Closing her eyes and mouth they pull the sheet over her head, each man devastated. Later that day, each man, on his own, seemed different. The day wasn’t as bright as it started out to be, and things weren’t so full of life. As always the men went out for a drink and couldn’t stand to look each other in the eye. They all new Marilyn Monroe’s death was different from anyone else...

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