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Nature and Loneliness

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Nature and Loneliness
Poetry has themes in them that are at times hard to decipher. In the poems “Once by the Pacific,” “Acquainted with the night,” and “Tree at my Window,” by Robert Frost all have similar themes. Each of these poems has the theme of nature and loneliness. Also, the first two poems have a negative tone to them.
In the sonnet “Once by the Pacific,” nature is brought up as the theme because the whole poem deals with talking about a rough ocean and a rocky cliff. Frost is describing a beach seen which seems to be just around dusk. Also, the way he is talking sounds like the there also might be a storm coming in because he is talking he says, “Someone had better be prepared for great rage. There would be more then ocean water-broken.” (DiYanni 578) That line gives the reader the impression that there might be a violent storm coming into that beach area. Rage could also be a foreshadowing of Frosts’ father being violent. “The rage discovered in the natural world, with its threat of dangerous storm, was not unlike the rage often found in Will Frost, who might well erupt before the household lamps were extinguished on any given night.” (Parni 14) This could mean why the seen was so gloomy to Frost.
In this sonnet loneliness is shown too because there is nothing pleasant said. This could show that the writer was isolated and unhappy. This sonnet also has a very negative tone to it. Frost shows a dark dreary side in this sonnet. Everything that is written in the poem shows gloom towards the coastline he is looking at.
In Frost’s poem “Acquainted with the Night” he shows loneliness again as a main theme. In this poem it is easier to see it because it is talking about a man who walks around city streets alone at night. He talks about how he walks around the city in any weather condition and also about what he sees on his nightly walks.
Loneliness is evident when frost says,...

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