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My Expression/ Poetry Explanation

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The poem I choose to read and analyze is “My Expression,” by Mignonette. The poem has an alternating rhyme scheme; it alternates between positive thoughts of love and negative thoughts of fear. “My Expression” is about the fear of finding out the truth of an undefined relationship and wondering “what if”. The main character is a woman, or a lady. I think it is very possible for the main character to be a young lady instead of woman, only because young ladies often get involved in one night stands that turn into to undefined relationships. I definitely know the main character is a girl because the poem talks about the girl wanting to lay her head on his chest.

“My Expression is overwhelmed with emotion
I don’t understand is this or can this be my man
The confusion of confrontation prevents
The question from flowing from my lips
The fear of rejection deviates my mind
The whisper of uncertainty tells me to confine it to myself”

The expression on the girls is overwhelmed; I picture a distraught look, a somewhat painful one. The reason the girl doesn’t understand the definition of her and the guys could be either person fault. You’re not just friends but you’re not a couple either, how many people can relate to that? The girl has thoughts of confronting the guy but she fears rejection. The fear of being rejected by the guy causes the confusion. The next few stanzas of the poem express the girl’s fantasy. She images what it would be like to awake and sleep in the guys arms. The fact that the thought of just laying in her crushes, (we’ll call the guy), arms is pleasure, is sounds so innocent and pure. The girl becomes caught up in these thoughts, almost obsessed with them.

“If I think of him when I lay my head to rest one day
Will he allow me to lay my head in the comfort of his chest?
If I think of him when I wake one day will he allow me
To awake in the heart of his sensual ...

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