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Of Miles Davis

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Of Miles Davis
By Willam Ford

The poem is talking about the jazz great Miles Davis. In stanza one it says “The pop out eyes belonging to Baldwin but are sadder meaner , more direct In their accusations against us” In my opinion it is talking about a person who is holding in a lot of hurt and problems, and he is hiding his problems from the people who enjoys him. In stanza two it says “The French have given him a medal and assigned him Picassio’s genius. In the third world he outsells Bird (Charlie Parker).” It is basically saying that Miles Davis is the best and makes more money, or draws more of a crowd than Bird. In stanza three the poem states” Costumed tonight in a showering tent of silver, he stands under the spot Head crooked , glasses as dark”. It is saying that once again he is covering up a problem to hide it from his audience and his eyes are covered by dark glasses because if they weren’t people would know what the problem is that he is trying to hide. In stanza four it states “As eyes of!
Tiresias He’s blowing a funky put-to-gether Bouquet of malvolent flowers.” It is saying that when he is blowing his instrument his eyes stand out like the great Greek god Tiresias. Then it talks about a funky put together, it means that his music is one of a kind and it then talks about a Bouquet of malvolent flowers. In my opinion it is saying that his music is beautiful but fading because of continued dug use. In stanza seven the poem states that “As from the devil hisself the whole sound shaking with a cocaine jumpiness He says he finally did kick.” I think it is saying that his music is changing because he has finally gave his problem, which kept him costumed and kept his eyes covered with dark glasses. In stanza eight and nine it says “And yet here and there, we hear it , That muted horn from kind of blue almost as slow, almost that orchidaceous.” I personally think that it is saying that ever...

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