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Yesterday's Dream

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Yesterday’s Dream

While thinking to myself I recall life is not fair
Who was that girl with the curly black hair?
Who liked all things should be in pairs, to wear!
She was so grateful to have a home than being outsider.
Since she grew up and cared by a grandmother,
But for her, she’s a great mom, no one can compare

Was she the type of girl who’s happy, go lucky?
As she’s often called the black sheep of the family!
All rules, doesn’t obey she loved doing things in her way
She observed life was so hard and to live was not so easy.
But she strived to get strength and face the reality.
Then she learned to dream fantastic things day by day!

One day, when she was sitting by the window
And listening to music sounds mellow
She was wondering why the leaves turned yellow
And fell on the ground when the winds blow
Suddenly view about her life for tomorrow
If it would be full of joy or full of sorrow!

While thinking, many things came out in her mind
Like people said true friends are hard to find
Because they just come and go then leave you behind
And really hard to know for sure if they are kind
As they changed so fast from chilly rain into sunshine
Like the weather, as it transformed from time to time.

And when she grew up, what would be her destiny?
Would she be like a fruitful tree or sweet as a honey bee?
Would she be a good servant or a revolutionary?
Would she become an explorer of any country?
Or would she be what she wants to be?
Just an ordinary being of the community!

Her hopes for her life are high as the sky
To be like the bird, that has wings to fly!
To soar with the clouds, up so high,
And back to life as soon she dies.
But it’s only a vision when she’ll wake by and by
Sometimes it made her sigh, cry, until time passes by.

The years go by; now to be woman she’s glad
She learned not to dream since it made her sad
Wings like a bird that she never had
Its impossible ...

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