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Fair Weather

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Before you ask me, “What’s been up with you?”
Let me point out that
It takes two.

Every word you said was a lie
And I thought we were friends but you changed that in time
You’re too caught up in trends
And your ego’s on the line
You played the role until I called you out

Hey fair weather friend,
You know you’re ripping me down again
And no I won’t be your ass,
While you go look for some greener grass
Cause I don’t want any fair weather friends
I want someone who will be there till the very end
Looks like I made a mistake with you
And now I don’t know what to do

Oh please won’t you ask me why I’ve been so cold
Why I’m not warm like I was before
The weather changed sort of for a while and
While you were gone, I decided not to need you
So sorry
Too long

Farewell, fair weather friend.
Abandonment returns to taunt me again.
If you ever want to know what kind of friendship we could’ve had
Imagine coming back when the weather is bad...

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