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Fianlly Answered

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My prayers have been answered, My dreams have come true, to actually realize that I am loving you. All my pain, and hurt is all of the past, forgiven, without any apologies. You should know my love is too strong, my love is too great, not something to be wasted, to be given up and taken for granted any given day.
I am hooked on a feeling, something I need to confess, I hope you listen, it is for the best. I need to ask you, and I need to know, am I crazy for loving you, and wanting you so close? knowing that there is nothing to hide. From you I keep no secrets.
I don’t just want anyone to hold, not just anyone to give my love to, I want you because you are beautiful to me, my love. I need you to be by my side to tell me the truth about what is deep inside. I would do that for you, I just hope there is a part of that in you too.
I think of you, I dream of you at night, I pray, I allow myself to say I am alive, thank you. You are what I needed, the strength, the strength I get from you loving me. The thing you do to me.
I want you to know I love your presence, your spirit around me. But, yet with your absence I view your picture in my mind and it’s difficult, I need to say when I miss you. Through being separated in our path of life, it makes me love you even more and also know it makes our love stronger to be faced with anything to come.
You might need to take time to understand, but I already know that I am grateful for you. All I ask is to let me love you, to be in your heart as long fate allows, as long as God permits. I grow weaker to know you are mine and my heart has fallen faster to have found someone like you. Someone so special, finally received. Anything to be with you.
Yes, my prayers have been answered, my dreams have come true, and how do I know?
Well because I LOVE YOU!!!...

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