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The Theme Of Deception In Tartuffe

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The Theme of Deception in Tartuffe
Throughout the play Tartuffe, the theme of deception is shown mainly through Tartuffe. In the beginning of the play, the only character who can see through the deception of Tartuffe is Dorine. Over and over Madame Pernelle uses harsh judgment of her family because she can not see the deception of Tartuffe. Early in the play, Dorine says to Madame Pernelle, “you see him as a saint. I’m far less awed; In fact, I see right through him. He’s a fraud.” (Moliere 1.1.69-70) Madame Pernelle believes that they dislike him because he tells them things about themselves they don’t want to hear. Tartuffe displays the early theme of deception in the play trying to show how good and Holy he is. He is always pointing out other people’s flaws although he is the guest in the house of Orgon.
Orgon has been gone for a couple of days and when he returns he learns that his wife, Elmire, has been sick. As Dorine tells Orgon of this illness, all that Orgon can seem to think about is Tartuffe. Orgon is more concerned with the well-being of Tartuffe, saying “poor fellow”. (1.4.14-34) Orgon is determined to have his daughter, Marianne, marry Tartuffe, although she is in love with Valere. As he tells Marianne of his plans, she does not want to marry Tartuffe, but she wants to make Orgon happy. Dorine argues Marianne’s case to Orgon but he will not give in, he believes Tartuffe is a saint despite what everyone thinks.
Tartuffe continually displays admirable qualities saying he’s going to the prison to share with the poor.(3.2.4-5) He also tells Dorine “cover that bosom, girl. The flesh is weak, (3.2.8)” and to “speak more modestly; unless you do, I shall be forced to take my leave of you. (3.2.17-18)” Tartuffe then shows interest in Elmire saying “May Heaven, whose infinite goodness we adore, preserve your body and soul forevermore. (3.3.1-2)” He goes on about how he had pray...

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