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My First Kiss

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I dare not blink, lest it cause me to wake and find this all to be a dream.
I dare not breathe for that may break the spell under which I find myself.

Instead I lay still, eyes closed tight, I can’t see you, and although we
yet to touch I feel you in the very depths of my soul.

My heart beats sound loudly in my chest, and I fear you might hear the thoughts
that seem to be filling my head, tumbling over each other.

My senses are tingling, as if this were the first time they’d been awakened.
Your hand on my waist feels like fire and ice at the same time, burning a memory
into my soul and shooting chills up my spine.

You move closer and your breath on my neck makes me quiver.
My eyes open for a brief second and close again as your lips touch mine...
everything I ever dreamed this moment to be is lost, for even in my dreams
I couldn’t have imagined it to be like this.

Everything inside me is released, all the joy, fear, anger, lust, every emotion
I’ve ever felt is intensified by this one brief but eternal moment.
One touch… One kiss....

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