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Poetry Essay

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Mark Twain once wrote that “Faith is believing’ what you know aint so.” As in the church, we are seldom comfortable speaking and sharing our doubts. Sometimes we share them solely for the shock value, but usually the doubts that truly eat at us, the doubts are with which we struggle. We seldom feel comfortable sharing with other people of faith. In truth, we fear that our doubts will be perceived as faithlessness. So we stuff them. We push them down deep into our unconscious and there they reside only to show their insidious heads at different times in our lives. At times we seem to fall back onto faith but yet it seems that we always have doubt. Although it seems faith and doubt are personal experiences each person has there own interpretation on how they feel about their own experiences.
In No Coward Soul is Mine, Bronte’s life was short, but has a strong feeling of faith about her. Even though it seems that her illness is getting the best of her she reside to the strong faith that she has. She is a confident person but yet understands that her illness is getting the best of her. “I see Heaven’s glories shine,” tell us that she is dying and relies on her faith to get her through each passing day. She says “And faith shines equal, arming her from fear,” she has a strong faith in what is about to happen to her and she realizes that and focuses on her faith. Knowing that this poem is about Emily Bronte and knowing the time it was written also tells me about the importance of religion in this time. She has a strong faith in God and holds on to that through this difficult time. It is to her infinity, immortality, for later lines are “With wide-embracing love Thy Spirit animates eternal years, Pervades and broods above, Changes, sustain, dissolves, creates and rears”. Here she has touched upon the compassion that is the life-giving force guiding all evolution. It is interwoven with our destiny.

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