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Edgar Allan Poe

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Essay on Edgar Allan Poe’s Life and the poem “Annabel Lee”

Edgar Allan Poe was a writer who left subtle and hidden clues to the meaning of his works. Most of his writings have been influenced by his life. The poem “Annabel Lee” is definitely about a personal experience of his. “Annabel Lee” is most likely about his wife Virginia Clemm.
In one of the stanzas Poe writes, “But our love it was stronger by far the love of those who were older then we -- of many far wiser then we” In this passage Poe means that when the older people found out that Poe was marrying his cousin that must of found that obscene. Poe believed that the love between Virginia and him was stronger to overcome the things that the people were saying. He didn’t listen to the wiser people above him, he just followed what he loved.
In the third stanza Poe writes, “A wind blew out of a cloud by night chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.” In this stanza what Poe means is that when Virginia became sick Poe began to sell many copies of “The Raven” The money he would make from his most famous poem he would use that to help his ill wife Virginia. When Poe was at the height of his career Virginia became more and more sick. Poe believes that a chilling cloud must have come over Virginia. That wind was the illness that Virginia had taken and she dies in 1845.
In the last stanza Poe writes, “Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride, in her sepulcher there by the sea – In her tomb by the side of the sea.” In this passage Poe is telling about life after Virginia died. During this time Poe became depressed and went onto opium, a very powerful drug. Poe attempted suicide many times. This passage describes about how Virginia was everything to him. He describes how Virginia was his life and his darling. That’s what he attempted suicide so many times.
In conclusion as you can see this poem had hidden clues to describe how Poe felt about...

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