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In the epic poem “Beowulf”, a monster named Grendel is terrorizing a city named Herot. The hero, Beowulf, comes to aid Hrothgar, the king of Herot. Beowulf needs to help Hrothgar, because he cowers when a problem emerges and sends other people to do his deeds. Later Beowulf becomes king and frees the city of many problems. Beowulf is a better leader because when problems appear he doesn’t back down, he faces the challenge with courage and leads from the front in battle.
When the problem with Grendel emanates Beowulf doesn’t cower but faces it with courage. In addition, “After Beowulf defeats Grendel he, takes the initiative to defeat his mother.” Beowulf does this to show how powerful he really is. Beowulf’s ego can occasionally lead him in his actions. In conjunction, “Beowulf always finds a way to conquer his foes.” Beowulf’s cleverness helps him in many situations such as figuring out how to defeat Grendels mother with the giant’s sword. If Beowulf weren’t so clever he would have a more difficult time defeating his foes. Beowulf’s great abilities and strengths help him to lead his kingdom and fight well in battle.
Beowulf is always leading by example and trying to give his men courage. For example, “Beowulf elects himself to fight the dragon alone.” (686-687) Beowulf does this in order to give his men courage. Beowulf’s men only retreat because they see Beowulf failing. Furthermore, “None of Beowulf’s comrades came to him, his Nobel followers; then ran for their lives but only one remained his name was Wiglaf.” (746-752) Wiglaf stays because he feels that he has a debt to pay to Beowulf. Wiglaf is also confident that Beowulf and himself can defeat the dragon together. Wiglaf is the only truly courageous warrior Beowulf has.
Beowulf’s main concern when he dies is that people will remember him as a great warrior and leader. The thing that Beowulf wants most...

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