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Catastrohpe Of War

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Catastrophe of War

Blood, sweat, and tears
Hope, death, and fears
On the desert sand
Hot and dry
Many men together band
The sun beats down
Trouble is coming
In a sea of protesters
A soldier is drowned
How can one stay so true
To commitment
And courage?
“Have you killed?”
“Have you seen people die?”
“How do you keep safe?”
Save face – in the face of their hate.
Slander thrown
Cast are stones
Hate projected
As we protected
The very ones who point the guns
And take the lives of friends
In arms.
Stand this duty
So far from home
All alone except
For the man next to him
His Brother
In arms.
They made a choice
To protect the voice
Of Freedom . . . NO
Of America . . . NO
It’s not so simple
This soldier’s choice
To build a bond of life
With a man he would not have known
But for death
The catastrophe of war
Why, then?
This fate
This choice
This load
The answer I do not know
The question is, “Why do I
Miss it so . . .
miss it so . . .
miss it so?”...

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