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The Future “class Of 2005“

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Summer time is almost here
when schools out the students cheer
no teachers or tests and 3 months of fun
nothing but spending all day in the sun
laying out and swimming all day
this is the life of a kid after may
staying out and sleeping in late
is something that no children hate
hanging out with friends and parties at the fair
come if you want stay if you dare
graduation parties time for the seniors to go
on to college for them they will be missed you know
but in august we will be the "big cheese"
and make all the underclassman drop to their knees
super class day we can hardly wait
finally its out turn to win as if the day was fate
one more year and we will be done
and then ites nothing but fun
no school forever we make the choices
no parents or teachers with their nagging voices
were almost done it will go fast
then all we have to hold on to is the past
all of us our college bound
leaving this town ourselves will be found
hopefully we will stay in touch
life wouldnt be the same and everybody would be missed much...

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