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The snow is falling in colossal powder flakes. Seth, my freckled faced son, is leaping up and down like there isn’t a tomorrow. He bellows like a ball calf, “Mom!”
I bark, “What do you want?” Half asleep I am trying to focus my drowsy eyes, which can barely make out his annoying presence.
Seth, full of piss and vinegar requests, “Mom, can we go sledding? We are not having school today. Please! Com on! Can we?” I stumble out of bed, staggering to the window. I see the staleness of the winter night fade away like smoke drifting off as the sun rises. The sun illuminating a splendid, white, shimmering, blanket of snow across the vast countryside.. The snow overflowing the tree limbs with immense white blossoms. Icesicles fashioned into sparkling spears dangling from everything. Jack- frost has painted murals of ice gardens on all window panes. The cars look like enormous fluffy snow drifts. There is no way to tell where the street begins or ends; it is just endless. All of a sudden Seth grabs my arm; “Mom are you coming with me?” he inquires.
I respond, “Let me get ready,” as the pasty snow flakes drift once more....

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