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Blue Winds Dancing

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Homesickness can happen to anyone at a young age. The narrorator in this story
was experiencing more than just missing mom and dad and the bed he laid in. The setting helped to illuminate the narrorator feelings toward being and Indian and towards being away from home. His thoughts were souring towards home as he tried study (Paragraph 1) Unable to study he drifts away in his thoughts thinking about the different aspects of his home (Paragraph 2).
He is caught in his thoughts battling his present situation with the longing of going home (Paragraph 3). He is very aware of the beauty around him because of him being an Indian raised on a reservation. He can appreciate the orderly fashion of the palm trees and orange trees but continues to sore to his home in his thoughts (Paragraph 3).
His thoughts continue to set the setting for where he is and where he longs to be, home. He has the normal thoughts of a college student. Thinking he was not able to keep up with school stating, “Maybe I am just not smart enough to grasp these things that go to make up civilization” (Paragraph 7).
His thoughts turn to action as he decides to catch a ride on a freight train. Throughout the entire journey of this young man, he has very negative thoughts towards being in the white man society stating, “it is terrible to have to feel inferior”(Paragraph 9).
However, he seemed to be very upset when he saw an Indian woman colored in sashes selling bits of pottery (Paragraph 15). This explains his going to college.
As he approaches his destination he thoughts brings about a new battle in his mind facing his father in his people (Paragraph 20). At the same time, he describes a very fresh and delightful scene on the way home (Paragraph 22). He absorbs everything he sees along the...

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