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Revolving And Evolving

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For the majority of my life, the world spun at a distance that was farther than my reach.
I was floating around in a lonesome space with no direction or set destination set in mind
No one was there to pat me on the shoulder and ease my pain.
17 years pass and I begin to desire to spin with the world rather than be content with my so called aimless float.
I see how enjoyable life could be, besides what happiness has originality brought me thus far?
To fill the emptiness inside I reach out and try to grasp the handle of acceptance on which the world spins.
For a while, either noone noticed how obligated I was to grip so intensly,
or even worse, nobody even cared that I was there.
When you came along, the intensity of my grip was viewed upon by all of those who naturally habitated on the spinning world.
With the now glaring eyes placed upon my back I face away and hold on with all of my might.
I squeeze the handle too tightly and it shatters within my hands.
I'm no longer with the world, but then I ask myself was I ever really?
Loneliness, outcasted, no acceptance whatsoever are returned oh so familiar feelings.
Now, I am pushed back farther than I started, and I wonder if I can recover.
They say time heals everything, but I am too impatient to wait and find out.
My head is split into two pieces, one still choosing to buy acceptance at the cost of living life as a facade,
the other trying to comprehend life truthfully without the stealthfullness that was provided by the shadows that once hid my true self, allowing noones view to cross my path.
You are the bond that holds the two peices together
When I hear your voice my heart glows with warmthness.
You took a risk and showed me kindness without knowing the immense amount of gratitude that filled my heart and soul
Your eyes constantly remind me of the gentle sea, in which its depth is no greater than the care that I have for you.
You taught me the importance of living l...

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