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Women’s Literary Production As “Intrusion On The Right Of Men”

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Women’s Literary Production as “Intrusion on the Right of Men”
In many of the works we have read this semester we see women struggling to break free from a system of social construct. Many of these women use there literary talent to tell their stories of intruding on the rights of men. The women use different styles of writing but are all trying to show there struggle for equality. Some of the women wrote poetry while others used autobiographies and short stories to let the world know about the corrupt system they were working in. We live in a male dominated world where women writers are trying to work with in the system of social construct in order to change the system for future generations. In this paper, I will discuss three literary works we have read this semester and demonstrate how these women are intruding on the rights of men in order to change the system.
In the poem “The Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti, the idea of the male dominated society is shown in a very creative way. Rossetti uses Goblins to signify sex driven men. The poem begins with the Goblin men tempting Lizzie and Laura to come eat there plump and luscious fruits. These fruits signify the male genitalia that are very tempting to Laura but Lizzie tries everything in her power to keep her sister hidden from the goblin merchant men. The Goblin men come every night trying to take the girls virginity away. Laura undermines Lizzie’s pleas and goes to the merchant men where she sells a lock of her golden hair in order to suck the ripe fruits until her lips are sore. When she returns home she tells Laura about how wonderful the fruits were and how she longs for more.
The next day, Laura goes out waiting to hear the merchants call again and Lizzie hears them but Laura never hears the calls again. The Goblin men took her virginity so they were now done with her. As time goes by Laura falls into a deep depression and she will not eat. The pure Li...

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