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The Woods

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“The Woods”

Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” is one of the most esteem works of modern poetry. The thinking mood of this poem is accompanied by imagery that creates a mental picture of being in the woods on a snowy evening. The poem has an easy flow because of simple words and rhyme, and this makes the poem even more astounding. The poem follows each line in order to give the reader a sense of being in the woods on a winter evening.
The first two lines give the setting of the poem. The poem mentions the woods and gives the whereabouts of the travelers’ home “his house is in the village though”. The speaker in the poem is taking a slow pace because he is simply watching the falling snow. The words of the first part of this poem is dull, but the words are put together in a way to create the thinking mood. The second stanza in the poem backs up the first with a definite time and location. In lines five and six it is understood that the speaker is far away from anywhere familiar. He is so far that the horse is doubtful about where they are. In line seven “Between the woods and frozen lake” gives the scene and it seems to be quiet and lonely out there. The next line gives the idea that it is night and very dark, “The darkest evening of the year”. That line can be looked at from two different perspectives; it can be the most lightless night, or real dark emotions. It can also be a combination of the two; it is a dark winter night and the speaker is depressed also. The last part of the poem, lines nine through twelve brings the strangeness of the poem. The only sole with the speaker is his horse. The horse was already puzzled by the stop and the horse wants to know the reason for the stop. “He gives his harness bells a shake” to see what was going on, and this conflicts with the quietness of the scene. At first all that could be heard was the wind and the snow. The speaker is s...

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