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Beyond Oasis

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I hate you for what you’ve reduced me too
I hate you for what you’ve done to me
I hate you for the way you make me feel
I hate you for making me not feel wanted
I hate you for making me feel not good enough
I hate you for being all I want
I hate you for being all I need
I hate you for not being mine
I hate you for not caring
I hate you for not loving me
And most of all I hate you for making me love you
I’m Broken battered and bruised
I’m Shattered torn and humiliated
Yet say a word and I’ll crumble at your feet
But no more!

I will not sit around crying
I will not be the victim I shall not falter
I will keep my mental
I will stay composed
I will stay cool calm and collected
I will not fold
I will not break
I will say and do the right things
I will not shout lose my cool, cry, fight curse and let you know I’m wounded
I will accept everything with an emotionless shudder
For I know not defeat only victory
I shall be victorious
I have the know how, the guile the courage
And in Gods name I have the strength
And I will win, I will not fail I cannot, shall not fail
Not again I will not suffer again
I will not be made a fool
You will not make me cry
You will not hurt me again
I will come out on top I swear
I know in my heart I will get my way I’ll keep all my mind and strength
I will reach beyond my oasis and soak the sweet essence of victory I will nurture my conquest and right all the wrongs the battle will make
God please forgive me for what I’m about to do, it is said to get to heaven you must pass through hell
Well my path is clear I’ve reached hells doorstep and by god I will get to my heaven
God please give me the strength, know how, mindset and courage to succeed
I will focus and I will BE VICTORIOUS
Who am I kidding I’m no fighter I hold no grudges...

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