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civilians are "slow"
and "messy"
Marines are "fast"
and "ready"
civilians are "me"
Marines are "us"
who is stranger?
me or us?

this is the summer
before the Marines
and I am
sitting in my green chair
I can smell the Lake;
marsh gras rotting
and hear the clanking
of sailboat masts.
pushups and screaming
will come later,
now I
can only see my dogs,
basking in summer sun

I go to school with people who do not understand
why I have chosen the Marines.
these are not things I can explain.
these are feelings,
the guts of my brain,
and i cannot scoop them out and hand them around
so that friends will understand me.
I lead a divided life.
I go to functions with Marines
who cannot concieve of the place that I come from,
or why I want to be one of them....

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