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The Life Of Robert Browning

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Robert Browning is an excellent example to use when one is discussing how individuals struggle to survive in the literary world. Life is full of surprises, twists, turns, and rewards that can either cause an individual to fail or succeed. Robert Browning’s life showed his determination to conquer fate in order to achieve his goal of gaining recognition as an outstanding poet during Victorian England.
Sarah Anna Wiedemann Browning gave birth to her only son, Robert, on May 7, 1812. Sarah Anna was of German-Scotch descent and was a very devout and religious woman. Her husband, Robert Browning, was a clerk in the Bank of England. The couple also had one daughter named Sarianna (“Robert Browning” 5). Young Robert was fortunate to be a part of this loving and supportive family.
Robert’s poetry was greatly influenced by his family. His mother’s love of art and music gave Robert a variety of topics to write about. His father was the son of a wealthy banker who could finance his son’s education and could give him the luxury of seeking fortunes in the West Indies. However, the two men had an argument which led to Robert Browning the elder leaving his parents and seeking his own fortune. Robert Browning the elder shared his experiences as a young man with his son; therefore, he helped influence his son’s literature (“Robert Browning” 6).
As a child, Robert was educated at home by his father. His father taught him a variety of topics and subjects ranging from foreign languages, music, boxing,
horsemanship, and reading. His father owned a large library that fascinated young Robert and impacted his young imagination. At a young age, Robert knew he wanted to become a poet. His father supported his son’s goal, both emotionally and financially (Abrams 2022). When he got older, Robert could not attend Oxford or Cambridge University because his parents were nonconformists. ...

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