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Poety Analysis

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“They Couldn’t stand hating each other for more than 1 day.” This quote from a poem entitled After the Argument is one I believe many couples of today’s society could coincide with. Which brings me to realize the great power in which Love holds. One minute Love will bring two people together and another minute love will tear two people apart. The problem with love is the massive amount of emotion and commitment that has to be involved in making a proper relationship work. Since emotion is a thing no one has control over, it makes it easily possible for a person to hate the one they actually love. Falling in love appears to have grown more complex and problematic with the arrival of the sexual resolution. “And their sex was a knot untying itself, a prolonged coming loose”
A prolonged coming loose? I take this as the couple’s only way to be expressive to each other was threw the act of sex. They used sex as a window to climb threw and pretend that all the emotions of hate, confusion, denial, betrayal, and elusion that couples are forced to face, have just vanished. Although these emotions have been tied into a knot, at anytime they are liable to come bursting out, for emotions are one thing they do not have control over. However which way a couple chooses to escape the harsh reality that comes with all the good things in a relationship, eventually it will just come back to bite them in the ass. For that is why a couple can not stand hating each other for more than one day. The elusion of perfection threw there choice of escape brings them back to that feeling of love.
“ She stood beside the bed, looking down at me as if she were dreaming, as if I were a dream.” “ Then she spoke- she said my name- and I, who did not love her, opened my arms.” Now with this couple, I believe the reason in which they will be faced with a problematic and complex relationship is the fact that they are using sex for the elusion of love...

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