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Symbolism In The Dog And The Scent Bottle

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Symbolism in “The Dog and the Scent Bottle”

Many poets often use one character to symbolize another person. These representations that may seem inconceivable at first are interpreted as symbolism, using one object to represent another. Symbolism is a way of representing someone or something without actually having to say it directly. It can be interpreted as either helpful or harmful depending on how the poet (or whoever is writing it) feels about their topic. If they approve of their subject, they will use something good to represent the subject. If they dislike the subject, they might be more inclined to use a bad symbol. In Charles Bandelaire’s “The Dog and the Scent Bottle”, Bandelaire’s symbol of the public is not a very fond one, but it conveys a true to life message. “The Dog and the Scent Bottle” is a symbol of the public in that they are uncultured, can not appreciate fine things, and are very stubborn and set in their ways about things.
One way Bandelaire views the public is as an uncultured dog. He does this by using a dog to symbolize the public in general. The general idea you have when you think of a dog is an animal with no concern for getting dirty and tough to get it to listen (at first). Bandelaire gives the dog a few compliments and the dog goes on like he is being idolized which shows no modesty on the dog’s part. When Bandelaire first introduces the dog the perfume, the dog rejects it almost immediately and barks as if it’s life were threatened. This symbolizes the public’s dislike for anything new and that which they do not fully understand themselves. Bandelaire then talks of how if he had offered the dog excretement, the dog would have taken fondly to it and maybe even eaten it. This shows that Bandelaire views the public of having an uncultured taste and liking better the “simpler things” in life rather the exquisite perfume he offered the dog earlier. ...

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