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Samson Agonistes

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The character that once was Samson Agonistes,
“herotic renowned/, No strength of man, or fierest
Wild beast, could withstand:
Who tore the lion as the lion tears the kid;”
(Samson 125-127)
is no longer. Instead he is a prisoner of his enemies chained and blinded by them, deceived by his own wife. In this story we see how Samson, after such heretic activities, traces his steps back and speaks of his down fall. The chorus, his friends, console him encouraging him to speak about his life and try to bring him out of his darkness.
In this story Samson’s speeches are harsh. There is a vindictive unreconcilled tone in the agony expressed by Samson over his blindness, his defeat and the treachery of his wife. Samson also sees the loss of his eyesight as the worst possible thing. He believes that light is the prime work of God and since light is so necessary to life he is living a half dead life. Samson considers death a privilege because he would be buried and relieved of all his pains and wrongs.
In the end, Samson shook the two massy pillars that gave the roof main support and with that the building fell and killed all those beneath.
Samson Agonistes is a dramatic Greek tragedy. It not only follows every characteristic of Greek drams but it embodies it. Most importantly Greek tragedies evolve from religions rituals. This story is based on the story of Samson as it is told from Judges chapter13-16. It begins after Samson has been captured and tortured by the Philistines.
Greek tragedy also stresses the sacrificial nature of human life and the inevitability of death. Tragedy is concerned with the pain of human existence and how the characters deal with the pain. It puts the characters against forces do large they seem to be invincible. (Greek tragedy & its Influences)
Greek drama also puts the individual against a part of themselves. It convinces us to admire the p...

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