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Sea Rose

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“Sea Rose”
By Hilda Doolittle

“Sea Rose” by Hilda Doolittle is one of the most famous free verse line poems in
the century. Hilda Doolittle was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, on September 10, 1886 and grew up to be one of the finest of all Imagist poets. Her poetry, fiction, and non-fiction writing were published on both sides of Atlantic, and her roles in a few early films also earned her praise. On the other hand, Hilda Doolittle was known for her imagist poetry with its vivid phrasing, compelling imagery, short lines and free verse. Her imagist comes from mostly nature: sea, wind, and sand are contrasted with exotic figures of flowers, jewellery and shells. And, in September 21, 1961, She died of the flu and was buried on Nisky Hill, back in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, among her family.

In this poem, the rose itself is the metaphor, because the flower rose compares to a “Sea Rose” in the whole poems. . The poem does not rhyme and does not have a particular meter. But, the poem has great rhythm itself like for example “you are flung on the sand/ you are lifted in the crisp sand/ that drives in the wind”. The verse is terse and packed with meaning. This poem measured free verse lines, together with the slightly archaic diction and the insistence on the sparseness of the flower tend to agree the poem simplicity and solidity, a feeling of the visual or sculptural realness of the sea rose-”Sea Rose“. There is a Simile on this poem like “more precious than a wet rose“. The tone is very sad and sounds very upsetting like for example “single on a stem/ you are caught in the drift“. There is no repetition of the ideas, and there is no personification specified also. This short poem full of imagery of a rose is caught in the wind. One can picture this rose in flight landing in the sand. The whole beauty is mark in the sand.

In conclusion, this poem, “Sea Rose” by Hilda Doolittle...

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