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Sand And Blue Skies

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Chapter One

“I used to dream about places like this. Back when I was in second grade. Sometimes during school, while Mrs. Perkins was trying to teach us how to divide math problems and do fractions. And sometimes when I didn’t want to take a bath and my mother was scolding me for it.”
I look at her face as I say this. My beautiful Melissa. Irish-European. Coal-black-hair and baby blue eyes. And she is all mine. I wonder how she feels right about now, as we stand in the tall grassy fields of Oklahoma. The wind is breathing slowly down our necks, brushing our cheeks in a slow silent greeting of hello. The sun is about to set in the east, purple violet and pinkish orange clouds billow away with the wind. And here we stand just the two of us. In mutual silence. Sometimes I find it amazing how easy it is for us to be in each other’s company. No frantic kissing, nothing like that. We just sit there and hold hands. As long as we can.
As I look at her I see her in a whole different perspective. Around others she seems so aloof with who she is, untouchable. She seems to stay by herself. She seems to wait for the time that we spend together silently. I do to. And I cherish it with all my heart. I do.
“Dorian, what are we going to do after we finish high school? I mean, you still want to be with me right. My father says that you will just leave just like Steve and Ricky did. Left their girls all alone. I don’t want that to happen to me. Alone without you to talk to. We could go to the same college couldn’t we?”
As she looks at me with tears sliding slowly down her face I wish that I could do anything in the world to stop this. And I can. I think about the words that I want to say and say them just the right way.
As my fingers grasp her hand tighter …
“Mellissa, I love you more than anything in this world. I would’ve hoped that you knew this and didn’t worry about anything like that. I have already applied ...

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