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Robert Frost, Tuft Of Flowers

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Being a farmer, Robert Frost was able to experience nature first hand and up close. Frost felt attached to nature on an intimate level which inspired him to write poetry. He strongly believed that man was detached from nature. While farming, Frost would wish that farmers would take advantage of their personal responsibility and be a little but more imaginative and creative when tending to nature. The poem written my Frost, Tuft of Flowers is about a farmer who wrote about the things he saw and experienced while farming.
Early in the morning a farmer goes to his field to do his work. Once there, he realizes that the high grass has already been mowed so he turns the grass to dry. The mower gone and out of sight. This triggers feelings of loneliness and solitude. He feels that the mower who mowed the field was unaccompanied and out of sight by any other being. He feels that now he stands alone in the empty field with no one watching him and no one to be with. This feeling of lonely is not just a feeling of unaccompanyment but the loneliness of the entire human race. Then a butterfly comes by looking for flowers but all of the flowers are gone because the mower mowed them all down. The butterfly is drawn to a “tuft of flowers” by the river which was left by the mower. He left them because he thought they were pretty and it brought him gladness. Then the farmer began to feel the previous mowers spirit because he could feel the mowers passion for nature. This empowering feeling awakens the farmer’s senses and he realizes that he is not working alone. The flowers dispel his loneliness and he now feels in the company of the mower. At first the farmer feels alone and unsatisfied with the world, then as his day progresses and certain events happen he does not feel alone anymore. Now he feels that people are not really alone and people do things that give them and others pleasure.
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