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Refelctions On Icebreaking

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Reflections on Ice-Breaking
The poem, “Reflections on Ice-Breaking,” by Ogden Nash is only four lines. However, a lot can be interpreted from four lines. The entirety of the poem reads: “Candy/ is dandy/ but liquor/ is quicker.” The title lets the reader know exactly what the poem will be about. The poem is analyzing what substance helps make the best ice-breaker. Ice-breakers require getting to know someone –breaking down their inhibitions.
With a poem this short in length, each word must be paid close attention to. The word “candy” is usually associated with being sweet. “Dandy” means something excellent in its class. “Candy/ is dandy” shows that candy is nice or excellent. However, it is then followed with the word “but.” The “but” signifies that there is something better than candy: liquor.
Candy is commonly associated with children while liquor is commonly associated with adults. By saying that candy is excellent but now liquor is superior, it symbolizes the growth of the speaker from a child into an adult. It explains both the past and the present.
The title of the poem, “Reflections on Ice-Breaking,” explains why candy is no longer adequate. When getting to know someone, it often helps if the person is willing to tell all and be uninhibited. Liquor is known to cause people to throw away inhibition and be their true selves. Candy can only satisfy taste, and does not usually alter someone’s actions. It is therefore not an effective ice-breaker. This shows that what tastes best doesn’t always have the best effect. People must suffer through the flagrant taste of the liquor to get what they want. It would be much easier to eat the sweet-tasting candy, but that will not give the desired result....

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