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New Relationships

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New relationships
Being shaped everyday
But what about old ones
Does their shape go away?
It's it eroded and rigid
Or just cold and frigid
Those were the good times
I miss it
Warm and strong were the beats
But like a farm we rip what we sow
And those little fight turn into big ones
Like jerks, we get lost in our own hurt
The flow of words each like a knife
Are we both really out to harm?
Each of us done wrong
Each of us proven time again that we’re strong
And on more the one occasion wrong
But one of us looked up to the other
One of us thought the world almost like a mother
Maybe it was best you gave up on us
The time apart was pleasant enough
Not filled with to much of a fuss
But you never thought to look back and wonder
I say it slow so you can sit ponder
How time never turns backwards
How lives always go forwards
How you can never take back hurt filled words
How your innocent suggestion was as good as swords
But I am like some sick broken loyal record
To the end
But what do you do when this just might be
The end
Check mate
No take backs
No pass go
Oh yes sir that’s all for our show
If that is your wish like a genie I’ll granted it
Just keep to your path
Yes Dorothy, stick to the yellow fucked road
And say to yourself I hate home
No matter what pain you’re going through
Me, you know? That friend you scorned
I’ll always take the licks and have your back
Funny some how I doubt you’ll do it back
But that’s what friends are supposedly for
I will most likely stick up for you and more
But that is just me I wish I could explain
Give first take back later
Friendship is a gift from god
No man may take away
It touches your heart building strings
Those friends know how to cut those strings away
As long time friends some times must do
We hit a path with a fork in the road so
I hope that we both won’t lose us as an asset
How about a n...

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